As you visited our website, it means that you would like to learn something about us. I will try to introduce you very briefly our picture. Let me begin with myself.
    I was born in Szczecin, where I took my first steps in playing the piano. Virtually I have been playing since I was 4 years old and from the very beginning I loved playing in a group. I was lucky to work with many, at that time young musicians, mostly violinists. After graduation I decided to continue piano studies at the Academy of Music in Poznań
under the direction of excellent pianists and educators: Prof. Jan Jański, Prof. Bogumił Nowicki and Anna Organiszczak. After studies I used my interests and many years of experience and took a job as a chamber musician in M. Karłowicz Poznań School of Music of the second level. Since a few years I have been realizing, with satisfaction, my teaching skills by educating young pianists.
    Piotr is a born citizen of Poznań. He took his entire music education starting from child until adult life in his hometown. After graduation from schools of music of the 1st and 2nd level, he continued his piano studies at the Academy of Music under the direction of an excellent pianist and educator Prof. Andrzej Tatarski. In the academic year 1990/1991 he was a holder of the Minister of Culture and Art scholarship for academic achievements and artistic successes. He completed his studies with honors in 1991. At present he is a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Poznań. He is, most of all, a pianist – chamber musician working with students of violin classes and also a speaker and organizer of musical life.
Our life paths crossed during some social meeting, as it usually happens during studies. One day we came into an idea to play something together. It all started with our
mutual performance in 1989 of one piano concert by Mozart. This  first successful attempt inspired us to continue. Under the guidance of Prof. A. Tatarski in the following year we prepared the composition for two pianos by Maurice Ravel – La Valse. The title of this composition and the year of its performance made up the name of our duet. That is how our mutual artistic and life paths started. We got married in Szczecin in the Saint Jacob Cathedral in 1990 and in the next years to our great joy we were blessed with offspring: Jakub in 1992 and Tytus in 1996.
    The first teacher of our duet was the already mentioned Prof. Andrzej Tatarski, whom we owe a lot, as it is generally known that “the beginnings are always difficult”. Next we perfected our skills during master craftsman’s course in Lucerne (Switzerland) under the guidance of the excellent pianist Alfons Kontarsky in 1995. We continued our cooperation with Prof. A. Kontarsky during our postgraduate studies (1997/98) in Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria). Next in August 2001 during the 6. Course of Music Interpretation in Nowy Sącz we perfected our technique under the guidance of world-famous duet from Israel: Prof. Bracha Eden and Prof. Aleksander Tamir.
    In 2012 we expanded our knowledge by cognition of the historical piano pianoforte during the International Summer Course of the Old-time Music in Lidzbark Warmiński under the direction of Katarzyna Drogosz (the only expert in pianoforte in Poland).
    So far we can boast an enormous repertoire containing piano compositions for 4 hands and two pianos by the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century composers classified as masterpieces of chamber piano music. The appearance of electric pianos in the music market resulted in the fact that in any circumstances (even where it lacks the real piano) we are able to present our high-level piano artistry.
    Piotr is a former singer of the Boys’ and Men’s Choir – Poznań Nightingales under the direction of Prof. Stefan Stuligrosz. Thanks to that in the artistic season 2000/2001 we were engaged in participation in Prof. S. Stuligrosz’s jubilee and since then we have been successfully cooperating with the choir Poznań Nightingales.
In  2012 we started our cooperation with another vocal band – Inspiro Ensemble under the direction of Aleksandra Wojtaszek.
    We perform in many concert halls all over the country and present the above mentioned repertoire.