Chamber Meetings in Pleszew. In the Rhythm of Waltz.
Gazeta Ostrowska, 5th December 1999

 On 14th November, Mr. Piotr Niewiedział and Mrs. Anna Niewiedział, that is the piano duet called „La Valse’89” from Poznań, presented their capacities. The audience had the opportunity to listen to the musical saloon literature in the best meaning of these words. One hundred years ago playing music during social meetings was a very popular form of entertainment. It is not very common to meet outstanding piano duets such as for example the legendary “Marek and Wacek”, but Mr. and Mrs. Niewiedział deserve to be appreciated. In their repertoire they have both: pieces for two pianos and pieces for four hands, which can be performed only on one piano keyboard. The audience responded very enthusiastically to the Spanish and Hungarian dances, and Vienna waltzes, and demanded encores.