Piano in a duet. Back to the saloon.
Kurier, Szczecin, 30 May 2001

A marriage of two pianists from Poznań, Mr. Piotr Niewiedział and Mrs. Anna Haas-Niewiedział, who on Sunday visited the Club 13 Muses, definitely fill the gap in the piano recitals’ programmes by the concerts they give with their Piano Duet called La Valse ’89, which was set up twelve years ago. On a day-to-day basis, they combine performance of teaching activities in both Academy of Music in Poznań and Secondary School of Music (2nd degree) in Poznań. Modest conditions of the 13 Muses’ room did not let them to present the repertoire for two pianos, but maybe there is nothing to regret about? It happens very rarely that music lovers have the possibility to listen to the music literature for four hands – and the programme of the recital was well selected in these terms. There appeared works composed in the era of the best popularity of such music making: "New Spanish Dances " op. 65 by M. Moszkowski, "Hungarian dances " no. 16 and 6 by Brahms, "Andantino varie" by F. Schubert, "slovanic dances "op. 46 by A. Dvorak. In addition to that we could listen to composers who dealt with the piano completely differently, in which works you will not find the saloon manners and climate of the 19th Century bourgeois interior ("Sonata" by Poulenc, "Mother Goose " by M. Ravel), presenting other world of sounds and different dealing with the piano’s capabilities. Anna Haas-Niewiedział and Piotr Niewiedział were perfect in both types of music.